Ile de la Cite


Early morning sun looking on to the Ile de la Cite on the Seine. The Ile de la Cite is the spiritual and historical centre and oldest district of Paris. Long before the Roman Conquest the Gallic tribe Parisii built their Opidum – Lutetia – on the small island. The island was located on a shallow section of the River Seine and at the junction of ancient roads leading to the north and south of the country.

An important port, Lutetia was connected to the right and left banks by two wooden bridges. The Parisii built up their wealth from hunting and fishing, but mostly from river trade. They indeed had the monopoly for the transportation of goods on the Seine.The thriving boatmen became influential merchants. They organized themselves under the protection of the Guild of the Boatmen of Paris or Nautes Parisiens.

The powerful corporation played a prominent role in the city’s politics, administration and economics through the centuries.They became responsible for the administration of the capital in 1260 and gave Paris its coat of arms- a vessel sailing on the river.

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